As we grow old, it hurts here and aches there…do you know this feeling? Old age miseries accompany us for years and turn into chronic diseases. We could prevent them though. I did. Are you ready to get younger? 

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I am XY. I visited doctors weekly a few years ago with several symphtoms I had, when one of my acquintances called my attention to the importance of quality nutrition. Since I take care of my nutrition, I feel better and my problems seems to be left.  


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When getting older, our digestion is getting slower at the same time, so nutritions could be less absorbed and utilized. Let’s admit, we do not even pay attention what we eat: less from fruit and vegegtables and more from candies.  So, it is no surprise that our body does not get enough vitamins and minerals. However, we could do a lot to preservation of our health and avoiding old age problems.
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